Love Yourself Mindfully

 Jusqu’au 31 Janvier 2018 Pass HOT60 ou PILATES à 290€/3 mois au lieu de 390€!
Réservez votre PASS au 02.721.88.81 et payez lors de votre prochaine visite au JAY YOGA STUDIO
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Jay Yoga Studio proudly offers a variety of membership styles to accommodate different lifestyles.
Annual Members enjoy benefits including:

  • FREE MAt and Towel service

  • 4 complimentary Guests Passes

  • 10% OFF Workshops and retreats

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Jay Yoga

“Les Jardins de Diane”

78b, chaussée de Bruxelles
B-1410 Waterloo
(above Delitraiteur)

P. 02/721.88.81

Jay Yoga

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About us

Jay Yoga Studio

provides an environment for practicing yoga. The core values at Jay Yoga Studio are HEALTH and MINDFULNESS. Love yourself mindfully and enlighten your life.
The design of our facility is respectful of the environment and your yoga practice. It features radiant heat panels, geothermal heat use, natural antibacterial cork flooring, Co2 monitor and filtered water supply. And that is just the beginning.

We have got a varied and growing list of classes including JAY Hot 60, JAY Flow, JAY Yin, Prenatal and Nidra. All classes are in English or bilingual French. Experience the next step in your yoga practice. Your journey continues here at JAY YOGA STUDIO 78b, chaussée de Bruxelles 1410 Waterloo in “Les Jardins de Diane”.


The purpose of JAY YOGA STUDIO is to provide its members with professional assisted practice of yoga for them to discover their own physical potential, being mindful and respectful of their body. A hot yoga practice is considered being one of the most intensive and athletic practice triggering weight loss, detox, reducing stress and sleep troubles in a short amount of time.


Feeling good in your own body, accepting yourself as an amazing human being, for a better world. Transform into a better version of the self through constant progress in the practice. Love yourself mindfully for a happy life.

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